Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mom mom's Birthday Cowl

Andrew's Mom mom (grandmother) recently had a birthday and we decided to make her a scarf.  When we were talking about what to get her, Andrew asked, "How long would it take you to make a scarf?  We could go get some yarn ... "  Say no more, you had me at "make a scarf."  Ha!

We went to a LYS and touched all the skeins of yarn that looked super soft and fuzzy.  Andrew was particularly fond of Baby Alpaca Brush from Plymouth Yarn, unsurprisingly.

After picking out the yarn, we discussed design options and settled on a doubled wrap cowl in a varied stripe scheme.  There was some discussion about vertical or horizontal stripes and we picked vertical.  The stripes are on an 8-stripe repeat (of 2-row and 4-row wide stripes).

I used 1x1 rib because it's reversible.  It's a magical stitch pattern because the ribs scrunch up and it looks like stockinette on both the front and back.  AND ... drum roll, please ... it doesn't roll.  It's like the holy grail of knitting.  The stitch is a little thicker than plain stockinette, but for a cowl it's a perfect, squishy soft fabric.  Especially squishy here because I used gigantic needles and the yarn is fluffy.

My gauge changed a little after the first couple of rows, so I actually cut away the first rows to reveal live stitches, then I grafted the top to the bottom with a sewn row of knitted stitches to create the seamless cowl.  After I was done, I had a hard time finding the graft.   I was surprised at how well the trick worked.

Here are pictures of both edges.  This is the edge where I carried the yarn up the side and twisted  the two colors.

This is the side where I turned each color to go back the other way.

Mom mom is a crocheter and knitter herself.  It was so sweet when she called to thank us for the gift because she kept saying she knew how much work went into making the scarf.  She really loved it!
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Linda Dawn said ...
Hello Alice, this yarn does look super soft and squishy and will certainly keep mom mom's neck nice and warm. I like the way the scarf is totally reversible too with no curling edges, great finish x
1/8/2014 9:51 AM

Angelina said ...
Alpaca is so SOFT!! I love it when people really appreciate the home made gifts. My family and close friends can usually be counted on to really love them.
1/9/2014 12:40 PM
Lynda M Otvos said ...
Read recently that alpaca is SIX times warmer than wool. Wow-I picked up an alpaca (commercially knitted) at a garage sale for two bucks and boy-how-dee is it warm !~! I am amazed every time I put it on at its heat retaining properties. I live in the SF Bay Area so own a Truckload of sweaters-all natural fibers and Alpaca is by far the warmest of them all.

Your reversible cowl is magnificent. The 1x1 rib is an idea I had not seen executed so perfectly before and I love the way you carried the yarn up the edges. Mom mom will be so warm and she'll think of you and the family every single time she wears it. How kind and thoughtful are you !~!
1/13/2014 10:20 AM


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