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Hi! My name is Alice and this is my craft blog.  Most often you'll find me crocheting or knitting.  Less often I'll be embroidering, hand sewing, or using my sewing machine.  I like posting patterns and tutorials.  I love hearing from my visitors, so don't be shy!

Me Elsewhere

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Futuregirl - Quick Facts

- I've been crafty my whole life.
- I started my craft blog November 2005.
- I'm allergic to wool.
- I wrote my blog app. (see below).
- Find out why I choose as my domain name.

Some Of My Crafty Accomplishments

- My mini clown sweater was featured on Wil Wheaton's Tumbler
- Wrote Crochet Philadelphia article for the Interweave Crochet magazine
- Contributed Peacock Paisley Intarsia Chart to Picture Perfect Knits
- Created Bacon Of Hate for Anticraft Beltane 2008 issue "Unclean"
- Wrote post about Public Crafting for
- Contributed three owls, bad eggs, & tote to the Anticraft book (pages)
- Guest in CraftyPod podcast about Crafty Overload Blog App

I built my blog application using ASP.NET (VB.NET) and SQL Server. I started off using Blogger and became increasingly frustrated with the constant platform changes, service outages, and the lack of support for FTP users. Instead of picking one of the other blogging platforms I decided to go ahead and build exactly what I wanted. You know, because I could.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your felt/yarn/supplies?
I buy most of my supplies at regular craft supply stores like Joann's, Micheal's, AC Moore, etc. I buy acrylic felt (no wool, I'm allergic). Most of my crochet projects are made with 100% cotton yarn similar to Lily Sugar 'n Cream.
How much do you charge for (this handmade thing)?
It's so sweet of you to ask! There's nothing cooler than making something for a person who will totally appreciate it. But for many, many reasons I don't make anything to sell. Sorry to disappoint you.
Are the patterns for your crochet handbags and wristlets available?
You can download the pdf for the Starling Handbag and the Lucky Wristlet on my free downloads page.
Can I link to your website?
Absolutely! In fact, I don't think anyone can ever stop you from linking to them. Even if you're saying that person is stinky, they can't stop you, so link away!

Even though you don't have to ask permission to link to me, feel free to let me know you've posted about me. I love discovering new sites, so don't be shy!
Can I use an image from your website?
That depends.

What is probably OK:
    - use one image (copy and save on your webserver)
    - give me credit for the image
    - link to my post and/or blog
    - you write your own post (don't copy and paste mine)

If you are not doing all four of those things, you should check with me first. And even if you do the above, I reserve my right to ask you to remove my image, because, you know, they're mine.
Can I repost your tutorial or blog post?
Nope. You can link to me all day long, but you can't scrape my posts off my website and repost them on your website, even if you translate them into a different language.
Will you swap links with me?
Will you mention my website/product/company or giveaway my product on your blog?
Probably not. I occasionally do book reviews of books I love ... especially if one of my friends wrote it. VERY RARELY I will mention a company or event and when I do, it's usually something I found on my own and that I'm very excited about. I almost never post about companies in response to a marketing email.

THERE ARE LAWS REGARDING MARKETING EMAILS. FOLLOW THEM. In addition to sending me a law-abiding marketing email, if you want me to read it, you better personalize it. Because, for crying out loud, I'm a person.