Monday, January 13, 2014

Buttonhole Maintenance

I spent a recent afternoon re-edging the buttonholes of a new coat with blanket stitching.  My blanket stitch tutorial came in handy!  I can never remember how to start the blanket stitch, which is the whole reason I wrote the tutorial in the first place.

I found this coat at a designer sample outlet store, which means it was super-duper marked down.  The brand is Knitted Dove and, judging from the pieces I've seen at this shop, they make crazy-adorable clothes.  I get constant compliments on this coat.  From women, men, and even a little girl.

I was walking down the street and an 8 or 9-year-old girl held out her hand and waved as if to slow me down, "Hello!" she called out.  "Hi," I answered, thinking she just liked saying hello to people.  She continued, "I love your jacket!"  Oh my goodness, she was so effing cute!  Her father seemed as surprised as I was that she was so bold and sweet to a stranger.

I have to believe that the button holes were left unfinished because this is a sample.  I can't believe this is the normal finish they apply to button holes.  But I don't mind because I paid about 50% of what I'd expect to pay for this jacket.  I can put a little elbow grease into it.

I used DMC embroidery floss - 2 strands at a time.  I have every color which made it easy to find the perfect beige to match the coat and match the thread used to sew on the buttons.

It's amazing how nice a polished finishing touch can look.  I used the lines of the coat to space the blanket stitches.  The stitches aren't all exactly the same height, though, but no one is going to be looking that closely at my button holes.

Here's a shot of an unfinished and a finished button hole. Such an improvement!

This is one of the smaller button holes closed and open.

I've been wearing the coat for weeks since finishing up the stitching and my stitching is holding up great.  It's not the most exciting use of craft time, but it's satisfying nonetheless.  I love taking care of my clothes and my home with my crafty skills.
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I'm not surprised people stop you in the street - nice coat!
Thanks for the detail of the buttonholes. I have a couple of things with frayed buttonholes, and this would tidy them right up.

Take care,
Prim xx
1/13/2014 10:46 AM

That coat is incredibly cute! I can never find non-marshmallow looking winter coats, but you certainly scored here!!
1/13/2014 2:01 PM

kingshearte said ...
Having a great coat that isn't basic black or beige is an excellent thing. I have a purple trench that I don't wear that often, but I don't think I've ever worn it and not gotten at least one or two compliments on it. Your coat is also pretty damn fab, and it looks like you did a lovely job with the buttonholes.
1/13/2014 3:07 PM

ha! too funny.... your blanket stitch tutorial was how I found your blog :) if buttonholes can look great, your most certainly do!
1/14/2014 4:52 PM

futuregirl replied ...
Jenni Rucinski ... Thanks! :)
1/24/2014 9:56 PM

so cool... your jacket is really adorable... and it was a very good buy!
1/18/2014 2:01 PM

futuregirl replied ...
macati / fairytale me ... Thanks! :)
1/24/2014 9:56 PM
How could I not think of the blanket stitch for tricky button holes??? I am so thankful for this, and a little embarrassed by my oversight.
1/25/2014 9:50 AM


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