Friday, March 22, 2013

Hemlock Sleeve Experiment

Oh, crazy sleeve.  How did you ever happen?  Here's what went down ...

I am ready to start the edging around the bottom of this cardigan.  I was thinking that the simple lace pattern is, well, just too simple.  I thought maybe the fancy front edge lace pattern would work, instead of the simple lace pattern I originally came up with for the sleeves.

My Brain said, "No way.  Too many increases.  It would be frilly and ginormous."  I couldn't shake the urge, though, so my brain suggested I make a swatch to see.

Haha!  The edges of the swatch look pretty straight.  I was pretty sure the fancy lace would look fantastic.

My Brain still couldn't be persuaded to knit the whole bottom edge in that lace pattern, so it had another suggestion, "You want to redo the sleeves to make them wider anyway, so why not reknit an arm and edge it with the fancy lace?  Then you can see exactly how that edging will look."

I should know by now my Brain usually knows what it's talking about.  Holy moly, frills gone wild.  Wow that looks awful.  How did I trick myseld into going along with this?

I can't tell if I like the wider arm, either, with all that frilliness happening.  I'm going to reknit the last 10 rows with the simple lace and then decide if I want to reknit the arm AGAIN to put it back exactly how it was ... because right now the "tight" arm (below) I was complaining about looks (and feels) pretty darn good.

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faithfulsuzy said ...
I vote for the tighter arm. The frilly one looks a bit frumpy.
3/22/2013 10:08 AM

Melissa said ...
I like the ruffle sleeve but it looks more for a little girl outfit than an adult. It would be cute with a ruffle on the bottom done the same way for little girls. I think you are right about the tighter sleeve looking better.
3/23/2013 10:24 AM

Walden121 said ...
I like seeing the difference. I actually like the frill, but think a slimmer arm would look well with it.
3/23/2013 11:26 AM

jayne said ...
Gee, I like them both, you have to knit two sweaters, one with the fitted one with the frill!
3/23/2013 11:57 AM

Zethan said ...
I like the look of the tighter sleeve but can you move in it? No? then stay with the bigger version. The frill that far up on your arm is a bit much and would annoy the heck out of me, but would be cute on the end of a full length sleeve.
3/23/2013 4:02 PM

pam said ...
a! I was so mesmerized with how great this color is on you that I didn't notice the sleeves at first!!! And I sort of agree with Jayne!!! :-)
3/23/2013 7:14 PM

Lauren said ...
Definitely no frill at that length. But if the arm is too tight you might want to still widen it a little bit? Or change your cast off/ come up with a middle solution for the number of increases for the border of the sleeves?

Maybe the best solution is to rip out the arm all together and make it wider the whole way down. Then no frills and continued circulation!
3/26/2013 12:14 PM
Seanna Lea said ...
I like it sans frills, but I'm not a frilly kind of person.
4/1/2013 8:18 AM


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