Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New York Visit

We spent a couple days in New York recently and I've got a weird mix of things to share with you from our trip.
First, we saw a couple of public crafters.  This woman was knitting in Bryant Park, which is right across from the new Kinokuniya (scroll on that page for store addresses).  Very convenient after spending two hours looking at Every. Single. Craft. Book. in the Japanese bookstore.  I didn't find anything I *had* to have.  And, believe me, I *tried*.

I had Andrew pretend to take a picture of me (my hair is on the left) so I could document her craftiness.  How spy are we? :)

We also sat next to a girl on the subway crocheting a long, yellow chain.  I totally wanted to ask her if she knew about foundation single crochet, but I didn't want to be weird.

We saw this awesome owl on the front of a brownstone.  So adorable!  I love how he's wrapped in leaves.

And I hit the alterations and repairs motherload!  This dry cleaner is (apparently) too cheap to order the window decals, so he tore the sheet out of the catalog and pinned it to the mannequin in the window.  

I'd assumed that all the different alterations and repairs people were the result of the changing times, but it seems that they are selling many of them concurrently.
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Susie said ...
You were in my neck of the woods! I hope you had a good time. I love NYC during Memorial Day weekend.
5/26/2009 8:28 AM

3rdEyeMuse said ...
love your sneaky photo! what a riot & the added flower-for-her-face to protect her privacy - brilliant!

5/26/2009 11:57 AM

Jennifer Rose said ...
very very sneaky lol you should have asked the girl crocheting, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded and if she did she would have let you know ;)
5/26/2009 7:01 PM

nancymoo said ...
I love the owl too! He's so snuggly in those leaves!! I would've wanted to talk to the crochet girl too, but I would not have. It probably would have gone down like this:
(me speaking to my husband)"That girl has a really long chain. I wonder if she knows about foundation single crochet. I could show her."
(Andy back to me)"You should."
(me back to Andy)"No, that would be rude."
(Andy to the crochet girl)"My wife wants to talk to you about your crocheting, but she's too shy."
(me to crochet girl)"I'm sorry, I really didn't want to bother you."
(crochet girl to me)"What, are you weird or something?"
Then I would've felt bad all day... Unless she was really nice instead... you never know... :)
5/26/2009 11:13 PM

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5/27/2009 9:43 AM

Sabra said ...
Love love love the owl! How cool is that!
5/27/2009 12:16 PM

Julia said ...
oh! I'm going to NY in a couple of weeks. It'll be my son's first plane ride (he's 9 months). We'll be vising my sister but I know I'll have some time to checkout some east coast craftiness - any suggestions on places to go? I've been to the Kinokuniya here in SF but I heard the one in NY is HUGE!
5/28/2009 2:15 AM

futuregirl said ...
Julia ... The SF Kinokuniya (1073 Avenue Of The Americas) doesn't hold a candle to the NY one. They're new digs are AMAZING!

M&J Trimming (1008 Avenue Of The Americas - between 37th & 38th on 6th) is HUGE and awesome, too. You will be dazzled to death by all the sparkle.

Daytona Braids & Trimmings (251 West 39th Street) is smaller than M&J, but they have yarn, felt, and other doodads. There's something about Daytona's gritty, cramped space that I love.

I've stumbled on several yarn stores ... but I never write them down. Ambercake http://ambercake.blogspot.com/ wrote several posts in Feb and Mar 2007 detailing yarn shopping by neighborhood in NY. Check them out! :)

Have a great time!
5/28/2009 7:25 AM

UK lass in US said ...
Oh, you should have asked that girl. What's the worst thing that could have happened? Peppar spray in the face?

As someone who has yet to attempt foundation crochet (I keep starting projects at a park and finding I have forgotten the tutorial print out), I would love for a benevolent stranger to come up to me and demonstrate it - after we've laughed about the peppar spraying incident, that is...
5/28/2009 4:31 PM
futuregirl said ...
The worst? Maybe pepper spray ... maybe a shank. ha! Can you imagine getting stabbed by a fellow crocheter? Too funny. Well, I think it is. :)
6/12/2009 11:00 PM


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