Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ornament Swap

First, I want to thank Michelle of Green Kitchen for organizing this ornament swap.  With all the stuff she has going on (you know, life), it was great of her to initiate it and make it happen.

When I first saw the participant list, I thought, "Kick Ass. I totally want stuff from these people."  Luckily, Michelle reassured me that my lack of Christmasness wouldn't disqualify me, so I've been waiting here for my avalanche of awesome ... and these women didn't disappoint.

Michelle from Green Kitchen sent me two (two!) ornaments.  They are exactly the kind of lovingly made, retro ornaments that hung on my Grandmother's Christmas tree.  I love the vintage bulbs, chenille stems, and crochet bodies.  They are heartwarming to look at and evoke a nostalgia for Christmas that I rarely experience.

Bethany from Bitter Betty sent me this freaking adorable deer, Bad Bambi.  Amazing!  She knows, of course, that I love skulls and cute-edgy stuff and Bad Bambi is exactly that.  It's smaller than any stuffie I've ever made.  I'm totally in awe of her tiny handy work! Do you see the perfect minuscule cigarette!?  Take a look at the rest of her tiny creations.

Stephanie from Ruby Crowned Kinglette sent me a wonderfully stylized reindeer.  The design is amazing.  I love simple graphic shapes.  The suede body feels great and the natural twig legs and antlers are wonderful.  It's just gorgeous!  Check out the whole set.

Tricia from Frizzelstixs sent this awesome embroidered panel. I always love her animal characters and I can't believe I have one for my very own.  A deer drinking coffee - he's so cool!  I imagine he's home from a long day of lumberjacking and, before he even takes off his plaid over-shirt, he's warming up with a cup of joe.

Meg from Pixiegenne sent this wonderful button wreath.  Since my button stash isn't big enough for me to make one of these, it's especially appreciated.  I like the way Soule Mama used hers as a frame and I'm going to find a cute picture of us to put in it.

Cassi from Bella Dia created this wonderful, graphic ornament.  It's a bright, cheery decoration, perfect for combating the shortening days.  I love the simplicity of the colors and shapes, but close up you can see all the detailed, careful stitches. It's beautiful.

Kristin from Kleas sent me the cutest little elf girl.  Do you see those tiny braids?  The precious pointy shoes?  The stripey tights?  The elfin mushroom?  She is so completely adorable.  I love that her arms are thrown wide like she's ready to give everyone she meets a big hug.

Thank you, everyone, for making this such a *great* group swap!
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stephanie s said ...
oh goodie!!! i am hoping for some brighter weather tomorrow to photograph mine. i am enjoying seeing the different ornaments and the variations on a theme. such great fun. and, i know how you feel about eating animals and all.... but that suede is the real deal, straight from the soft underbelly of bessie the cow.
12/20/2006 5:52 PM

OldRound said ...
Ooh, thanks for round-up. I've been dying to see them. You all are freakin' blood ornament sistahs now. That rocks!
12/20/2006 5:57 PM

futuregirl said ...
Stephanie - I don't mind eating animals, I just don't like scraping my teeth on their bones when I'm eating them. :)

Wow! Real suede. That makes them even more wonderful!
12/20/2006 6:02 PM

Stephanie said ...
Great idea! It will mean so much each year when you unwrap them and put them on the tree!
- Stephanie
12/20/2006 6:22 PM

ambika said ...
Wow, what a great swap. And I honestly can't pick a favorite but I especially love the suede deer. Lucky lucky you.
12/20/2006 6:44 PM

One Crabapple said ...
cracks me up to think of you saying
"Kick ASS !"-----

These ornaments are all adorable
No kidding ! "KICK ASS!"

OMG - those little crocheted bugs are to die for. I do love them.
heyyy, can you make something like this for one of your cute purses ?

I was here the other day and saw your Octopus too... love it ! and love the story. GO GO GO ! Great ideas.

Love, S.
12/20/2006 7:16 PM

Funky Finds said ...
some great finds here! :)
12/20/2006 8:46 PM

patrice said ...
Hello futuregirl and thanks for the comment on "If You Have a Corn Snake". I'm enjoying both of your blogs and all of the things you are up to. I wrote down a few of the films you mentioned on your other blog for my next trip down the aisle. I know Michelle and Bethany (just a bit) here in SCruz, and just a few weeks ago found out they blog too. I love this small community! I'll drop by again.
12/20/2006 10:15 PM

laurie said ...
You lucky, lucky, lucky girl!!
12/20/2006 10:50 PM

Green Kitchen said ...
Hey, I tried to make your snowman more edgy, make him all dreary and stuff, but I scraped the first face off. He used to have big ol' bruised looking eyes and a carrot nose, but I had to encuten (made up word) him. Do they really look vintagey? I guess in the olden days of yore everyone had a Christmas mosquito. Just kidding. ;) And, about that button stash. It should be on it's way, shortly, now that I know how to do online mailing labels.
12/21/2006 12:15 AM

Bitterbetty said ...
Awesome post!!! Great Photos!!

I Love Octophrost and we never tire of snuggling his tentacles.

Best swap EVER !!
12/21/2006 11:12 AM

futuregirl said ...
Michelle -

Since I opened up your package, I've had a flood of memories. Grandma's sparkly tree, Grandpa's pocket full of mini candy canes, the mixed nuts in the log cross-section bowl replete with evil-looking nut surgery tools that an eight-year-old should never be allowed to use. These memories represent the last time I actually felt happy about Christmas. Your ornaments have had a magical effect on me. In all seriousness.

Vintage? Well, now that I think about it, crochet always looks vintage to me. Encuted? I love all things encutened (including the word 'encuten'). Mosquito? Well, you've got me there. ;)
12/21/2006 12:29 PM

Angelina said ...
Holy fucking crap.

Pardon my french.

Really, I'm done crafting. I'll never make such wonderful little things.
12/21/2006 1:45 PM

Angelina said ...
Oops, pardon my french.
12/21/2006 1:45 PM

meg said ...
because i'm so lazy (and you took such great pictures) i'm linking everyone over here to check out the ornaments. is that cheating?

my kids love octophrost soo much, btw. we have the illustration on the tree, too.

thanks again!
12/21/2006 10:03 PM

faun said ...
those are all too cute for any words i can come up with.. what a wonderful swap!
12/22/2006 9:07 AM

kristin said ...
this was way too much fun!! best swap ever!! and i love how you wrote a little ditty about everyone's so i just had to copy that...glad i "met" you through this swap!! :) happy everything!
12/23/2006 11:07 PM

isa said ...

merry merry to you and your family..
hope you get a lot of christmas presents and mia and pan behave well ;)
12/25/2006 3:16 PM
Emily said ...
Thank you very much for the suggestions! You have great taste in music. Bloc Party was a recent discovery and oh my god do I love them so. Camera Obscura is also a new one I found. I love them so.
My mom introduced me to the Cure about two years ago and I cannot get enough of their music! haha. They are quite wonderful.
Anyway, thank you again. I will be looking up all of the ones I have never heard over the week. I am so excited.

Anyway, I really like the faun ornament. It's so cute- kind of like vintage bambie.
12/27/2006 12:24 AM


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