Friday, February 25, 2011

The Hex Tote Video Crochet-A-Long - Episode 2

Episode 2 - How to crochet row 4 of a hex motif and how to join as you go.

Here's the chart for Row 4.  You definitely need to watch the video if you aren't familiar with joining as you go.

This is the tricky part - making a 3-D object assembly chart.  Here is the clean chart so if someone has questions, I can direct them to a numbered hex.

Black numbers are full hexes.  Red numbers are half-hexes.  Half-hexes will be covered in a later episode.

You don't have to attach your hexes in this order.  Connect them up however you'd like.  I do suggest that you lay your hexes on the floor and arrange them before you start assembling your tote.

Be sure to move one edge's hexes to the other edge before you settle on the final placement (meaning, move 24, 25, & 26 over to the left edge -- and 7 & 14 to the other side's bottom edge) to make sure there are no color conflicts.

Or, you can just put them in a pile and connect them one at a time by pulling the next one out.  It 's a granny hex tote, not brain surgery.  You don't have to over-think it. :)

Here is the ridiculously overly-noted chart. :)

Red lines are the side and bottom folds.  

The colored painted lines are where hexes match up.  The colors don't mean anything in particular.  I used different colors so you could see what matches up where: pink to pink - blue to blue - green to green - and gold to gold.

The blue stars under Hex 3 and Hex 17 are where the bottom corners are.  I will cover this in the next episode, but for those of you that want to attempt this ...

Hex 3 and Hex 17 are folded in half and the bottom edge is not attached to anything when you crochet Row 4 (as you can see since there is no colored painted line along the bottom edge).

I had trouble attaching the corner hexes, so don't feel bad if you have to wait for the video to get it.  It's tricky.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Hex Tote Video Crochet-A-Long - Episode 1

Episode 1 - The first three rows of a hex motif. Make 26 to start The Hex Tote.

After all the wonderful name suggestions (OMG, Bagasaurus Hex?!  So amazing), I settled on a simple "The Hex" as the name.  And since it's a tote ... The Hex Tote.

Here are tutorials for some of the techniques mentioned in this post:

For my bag, I used Lily brand Sugar 'n Cream worsted weight cotton yarn.  I used what I had on hand, which is why the colors aren't used equally.  I'm not sure how much yarn it takes, but the nice thing about granny motifs is that if you have to pick up more yarn later, the dye lot doesn't matter since the same color is never touching itself.

I used a 3.75mm hook so the stitches would be super dense.  I didn't want a lot of the lining peeking through my motifs.

You can make this bag with any size/type yarn and any size hook you'd like, there are no rules.  Let me know if you have any more initial questions.