Sunday, June 14, 2009

FSC - Are You Curling?

When I was first learning foundation single crochet (fsc), I found that I made the chain part of the stitch very tightly.  This is because I wasn't pushing my hook through the loops all the way; I was just using the tip when I made the chain.  When the chain part is tight, your fsc row will to curve in on itself, like so:

Three or four people have emailed saying, "What am I doing wrong?!?" and every time, they are doing the same thing I did.

To keep you from making the same mistake, I added a note to the foundation single crochet tutorial.
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Kuky said ...
Not that my comment has anything to do with fsc, I was just wondering what's that cute background. Is it fabric?
6/14/2009 10:48 PM

nancymoo said ...
I was wondering the same thing as Kuky! It looks very Japanese. And as always, thanks for the tip! Your tutorials really are the best! I am nearly done with my first crocheted bag with a liner. I hope it turns out half as nice as yours!
6/14/2009 11:30 PM

futuregirl said ...
It's a page from a wanroom notepad I bought at Kinokuniya years ago:
6/15/2009 12:44 AM

Wow. Everything I've ever crocheted has curled... and this just answered YEARS of questions.
6/15/2009 4:47 PM

Nancy Geaney said ...
Thanks- I do not need another skull cap/yamika(sp)/ potholder/trivet.
6/18/2009 6:47 AM

snarflemarfle said ...
Ah, yes! I read this when you posted it and just didn't connect it to what I'm currently doing! I bet the chain IS too tight (and you're the expert!). It's straightened itself out as I've worked so I don't think it's something worth frogging the project for.

I hope to have a mini Starling finished this weekend. My 1 year old LOVES purses!
6/19/2009 6:14 PM

Jenn said ...
Aha! I just learned Fsc, and although I consider myself a reasonably experienced crocheter with good tension control, my Fsc chain was curling bady! Now I know why...Thanks!
2/24/2010 8:31 PM

futuregirl replied ...
Jenn ... Yay! You're not alone, it seems like we all do this. :)
2/24/2010 9:55 PM

Rebecca said ...
I am a beginning crocheter and am in love with the idea of foundation stitches, especially since my chains currently get really wonky when I go back and stitch into them (though it usually works itself out as it goes). I am getting some curling despite putting the loops all the way onto the shank of the hook, but giving a tug on what I've made so far after linking but before chaining seems to help a lot.

Thanks for the ultra-step-by-step tutorial! It was really helpful, and saying "link, chain, crochet" keeps me on track.
12/22/2010 8:19 AM

futuregirl replied ...
Rebecca ... Glad you figured out how to combat the curl. We all crochet a little differently. Thanks for leaving a comment so other people can learn from you!
12/29/2010 7:45 PM

Jennifer said ...
Thanks for replying to me on your YouTube video with the link here... this is exactly the info I needed! I had wondered if my chain was tight - I've always been one to crochet tightly, and I've been working to consciously loosen up my stitches. I took a little more time today on a new project, made sure I slipped my hook all the way through on my stitches, and no curl! So happy to know I actually *was* doing the stitch correctly, and I just needed to finesse my execution!
6/12/2013 9:39 PM
futuregirl replied ...
Jennifer ... Yay! So glad to help. :)
6/16/2013 5:03 PM