Friday, December 7, 2007

Peacock Paisley Intarsia Chart

My peacock paisley intarsia chart is going to be included in Picture Perfect Knits by Laura Birek, from Chronicle Books!  I love every single thing Chronicle Books puts out.  It's so exciting to know my design (and name!) is going to be in one of their books!  Yay!

Here's the announcement on their blog.  Here's the design:

To make the intarsia chart, I made a quick sketch in black marker, I placed the drawing under a sheet of Doane Paper, and then I started coloring in boxes.  Dramatic reenactment to the left. :)

Doane Paper is my newest-favorite office supply.  It's an awesome grid paper that's also lined.  I was hooked right after I printed my own sheet using his free sample pdf. It's perfect for lists, futuregirly graphs, intarsia charts, and project diagrams.  Plus, buying Doane Paper supports an indie creator. What's more awesome than that?
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more said ...

That's awesome getting creations published... when can we expect a FutureGirl Designs book.

Oh my, how cool would that be? Doing a book of your own crafty designs, neato!

As always, congratulations on continuing to spread the Craft Karma :)

12/7/2007 6:15 PM

Congratulations, Alice. Awesome news!
12/7/2007 7:15 PM

Minmade said ...
Oh wow! I haven't done any intarsia knitting but that is so pretty. Way to go on getting published!
12/7/2007 8:11 PM

gleek said ...
congrats! and what a great idea that doane paper is! gotta get me some.
12/7/2007 9:03 PM

doane said ...
Congratulations Alice on getting your chart published! I'm stoked to know that DP has a role in your creative process!
12/7/2007 11:37 PM

Cassi said ...
Congratulations, that's great news!!
12/8/2007 12:11 AM

macati said ...
I'm so glad to see that you won too! I made a big secret too! If I could I would hug you!
12/8/2007 5:19 AM

Hilde C. said ...
Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful pattern. It sounds like there are lots of things going on in futuregirlworld, with the Anticraft book, boingboing, and now this. It sounds like great fun, and I hope 2008 will bring more of the same for you :-)
12/8/2007 7:39 AM

Sonya said ...
Congratulations - this is indeed jumping-up-and-down news!
12/8/2007 9:05 AM

SisterDG said ...
How cool, we'll be in this book together! And I agree with more - I'm looking forward to a FutureGirl Designs book, too. Keeping a space on my bookshelf reserved for it now .... :-)
12/8/2007 10:47 AM

Angelina said ...
That is so exciting! I love Chronicle books too, they put out really great books.
12/8/2007 11:42 AM

iHanna said ...
Congratulations, your feather is awesome!
12/8/2007 12:27 PM
Rose said ...
Congrats on getting published, and thanks for that link. I'm getting some of that paper for sure.
12/8/2007 2:47 PM