Monday, October 29, 2007

Teasing You With Baby Seahorses

** update: pattern on free downloads page **

I'm *this close* to finishing the pattern and instructions for the my seahorse stuffies.  I know I shouldn't say anything before it's ready, because I'm totally jinxing myself, but I'm sure it'll be up soon!

I'm including the pattern and instructions for both adult *and* baby seahorses.  The adult pattern looks just like Sasha and the baby pattern is what I used to make the two little cuties pictured here.

The only thing holding me back is that I just got my copy of Crochet Me in the mail and I'm fighting the urge to start swatching for the Icelandic Cowl.  I've decided that I'm going to use every bit of my will power and not open the book until I have the seahorses finished and posted.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to resist ...

Here's a little behind-the-scenes shot from today.  It's pretty ridiculous how much I love setting these things up. Oh, I just realized I need to add 'photoshop out the strings' on my list of things to do ... I better get to work! :)

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pedalpower said ...
Those are just as cute as they can be! And I must say, I think you're a genius with your photography. Love the behind the scenes shot...I would never have figured that out.
10/29/2007 8:13 PM

Laura Bucci said ...
Neat to see the set up shot. Pretty creative.
10/29/2007 8:21 PM

casey said ...
Those little seahorses are so cute! :)
10/29/2007 8:42 PM

normanack said ...
Thanks for showing the photo set-up! And I like the strings :)
10/29/2007 8:51 PM

luv me some seaponies! sweet creations and wonderful shot set-up.
10/29/2007 8:54 PM

crafty things said ...
They look great. Looking forward to when the pattern is finished and available! Like the behind the scenes shot.
10/29/2007 9:09 PM

I never would have guessed how ou got such a cool photo. How neat to see that in addition to the final product. Thanks for sharing!
10/29/2007 9:11 PM

haasome said ...
Seahorses are one of my favorite animals, and what a cute photo! (Hope you don't mind me linking to you, I just think you have a great blog!)
10/29/2007 9:31 PM

Bitterbetty said ...
Wow... another winner my dear! Just the sort of stuff that made me blog crush on you in the first place!
10/29/2007 10:49 PM

Kuky said ...
Ha ha ha! That's what I was doing today! Hanging seahorses up for their photo shoot. But I didn't think it out really well, not like you. I hung them from a hanging light. It involved struggling with invisible thread and being on tip toes. I see now that it was quite moronic when compared to your set up. I hope my pictures come out. If not I guess I can take them again because yes they are still hanging from the light. I actually quite like them up there.
10/29/2007 10:52 PM

kristin said ...
oh you tease!! these are just as cute as can be!! great "behind the scene" shots wonder you always have such great photos. you really put in the effort to make them so good!
10/30/2007 12:04 AM

macati said ...
great photo-set... thank you for sharing... the deep ocean really is full of bottles... must recicle more! hehehe
10/30/2007 4:03 AM

Funky Finds said ...
will you be selling the ornaments (already made)? i'm wanting to do a handmade tree with various funky finds! :)
10/30/2007 7:52 AM

dottycookie said ...
Oh, those are adorable!
10/30/2007 8:05 AM

Shannon said ...
What sea creature is next?? I think a stingray would be a perfect accomplice for the Octopus, Seahorses, and the Starfish!
10/30/2007 8:06 AM

SisterDG said ...
Good Lord! That photo set-up is amazing. I was wondering how you got your perfect, floating seahorse images. Gotta save more bottles....
10/30/2007 8:44 AM

E to the M said ...
Those are crazy cute!
10/30/2007 8:50 AM

ambika said ...
The adorableness factor is off the charts on these ones. I might just have to submit this to cute overload.
10/30/2007 10:19 AM

Laurel said ...
Those are just adorable! And the photo scene? brilliant!

Funny thing about the strings. After just looking at the picture I was like "Cutest ornaments ever! I want a whole Christmas tree like that, with octopi, and star fish, and sea horses. Maybe even a sea anemone or two.

beautiful job (as always)
10/30/2007 11:06 AM

kari said ...
I love the little seahorse stuffies! Reminds me of being a little girl on vacation in Florida -- every year I begged my parents to let me buy a seahorse to bring home but they didn't think it would survive the car trip. Too cute!
10/30/2007 1:13 PM

Anna said ...
Please, please, please, do not open that book! I so want the pattern! And I totally love your set up. Perfect. Will I be able to get your pattern, although I am in Germany?
10/30/2007 1:41 PM

Hilde C. said ...
The seahorses are really beautiful! It's really interesting to see how you set up the "landscape" behind the seahorses. You are really creative :-)
10/30/2007 2:47 PM

Lesley said ...
They are beautiful but I wish I hadn't seen them as I now have to make some for Seahorses Class at my daughter's school!!!
10/30/2007 3:12 PM

marcisenders said ...
I love those sea horses and the set you created looks really great too!
10/30/2007 7:17 PM

Angelina said ...
Oh boy. Those little guys are really cute. Almost cute enough to eat.

Good thing I don't eat sea-food or felt, huh?
10/30/2007 8:05 PM

Loved seeing the shot set-up - and then how effective the final shot was!! Brilliant . . .
10/30/2007 11:31 PM

Rachael said ...
These are just beautiful and the background you created from the bottles & glass beads is just SO amazing ..... I don't know where you get such fabulous ideas from! I'm quite jealous ;-)
10/31/2007 7:07 PM

Anonymous said ...
They´re so adorable...can´t wait to have my pattern : ))

11/8/2007 6:47 PM

Funky Finds said ...
just posted about the patterns on funky finds! :)
11/9/2007 9:11 AM

Lucy said ...
Thanks for sharing that bit of information. I know that for some, photo shooting your stuff is simple, but for some of us it is a mystery. Thanks for shedding some light. I really appreciate it. I can see I will have to get that pattern and make some for my mom to go with her octopi this year! hee hee
11/11/2007 1:57 PM
Christie said ...
oh, I love these little seahorses. how cute they are.
10/10/2011 9:48 PM