Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starling Handbag Video Crochet-A-Long - Episode 2

Episode 2 covers the bottom row 2 of the Starling Handbag.

Here are all of the Starling Crochet-A-Long videos. Ta da!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starling Handbag Video Crochet-A-Long - Episode 1

Episode 1 covers the foundation row and the first row of the Starling Handbag.

Download the Starling Handbag crochet pattern for free.

Learn foundation single crochet (video and photo tutorial).

Here are all of the Starling Crochet-A-Long videos.

I just rediscovered these videos!  I made a TON of them in December.  Many end right in the middle of the hot crochet action with my phone ringing, expletives (usually in German), or the camera turning off because the batteries ran out.  

I thought *all* the videos were in a state of not-so-usefulness, but there are four that are A-OKish.  In this one I make a couple goofy jokes, laugh dumb, my camera makes me sound like a lisper, and I have major stitch marker issues right at the end, but otherwise, it's golden (->>bling<<-).

The upside is that I can publish one a week for the next 4 weeks, which gives me time to make the rest of the videos showing the final steps of making a Starling Handbag.  A race against myself!  Get ready ... get set ... Go!

I hope you enjoy the theme song Andrew wrote for me!  FYI, you can't hear the sparkles at the end of the theme song that I refer to because the camera is about 10 feet from the computer.  Once I get a video editing software (recommendations for the PC, anyone?), you'll hear the sparkles ... oh, yes you will.

Gah!  I just noticed that I called it a Video Tutorial in the snazzy title cards.  I like Video Crochet-A-Long better.  Do you think anyone will notice.  Nah ...