Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sasha the Seahorse

** UPDATE:  Sasha the Seahorse Pattern & Instructions PDF is available on my free downloads page**

Sasha is made of Limbo Lime felt, plastic pearl beads, periwinkle floss embellishment, and eyes made from a white sequin and a cooper-colored bead.

I approached the design of Sasha the same as Sigmund. I did a Google search for seahorses and studied all the different seahorse features. I never realized how truly bizarre these creatures are. The more you look at seahorses, the weirder they look, just like a word sounds weird if you repeat it over and over. Seahorses are very very elaborate, so I had to really pare down the design to basic elements. I used the periwinkle stitching and the pearl beads to mimic their exoskeleton-looking bodies.