Friday, May 15, 2009

Killadelphia - Where To Go and What To Eat

A sweet reader of my craft blog emailed to ask where to go and what to see in Philadelphia.  At first I told her to go to New York instead.  And, although I stand by that (New York is amazing!!!), if you are going to be in Philly anyway, here are some of my favorite places.


Mutter Museum  Weird and cool.  Mutants, aberrations, scientific diagrams, and Victoriana.  Everything a girl loves.

Fabric Row.  Not a ton of fabric stores, but a ton of fabric.  They close early, so check times.  Grab the best chocolate chip cookie you've ever had (no joke!) at Famous Fourth while your over there.

Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Beautiful and full of art.

Boathouse Row along Kelly Drive (or West River Drive).  Beautiful walk from the Art Musuem to as far as you can take it.  Kelly Drive is more scenic, but West River Drive has better views of the city and Boathouse Row.

Reading Terminal  Food food food and Amish people selling stuff.  You can get Famous 4th Street chocolate chip cookies here, too.

Washington Square Park and Society Hill Walk South and East from the park.  Beautiful, quiet park and quaint old houses.

Italian Market  Now half Italian and half other-stuff, but still interesting for walking around.

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.  Across the street from city hall.  Beautiful inside.  Take the tour.

City Hall  A wonderful, ornamented building. I haven't taken the 12:30 PM tour yet, but totally want to.  There's also a tower tour.  I did do jury duty there, and I loved getting a peek inside.

And, if you're feeling fabric and yarn yearnings.  Check out Loop and Spool, which are next door to each other (but not close to much else).


Pagoda Noodle Cafe  Best fresh Chinese in the city.

Caribou Cafe  Delicious, authentic French Bistro.

Nodding Head Brewery  Great home-brewed beers and yummy food.  The chicken fingers are awesome.

Famous 4th Stree Deli  Huge HUGE sandwiches.  Best chocolate chip cookies.  Ever.

Vietnam  Not to be confused with the Vietnamese place across the street.  Yum!  And, if you're not into Vietnamese food, order the Salt and Pepper chicken.  There's nothing weird in it and it's so effing yummy.  It's one of my favorite dishes there.

Race Street Cafe  Excellent, changing beer line up.  Best burger in town according to my husband.  Great neighborhood place.

And that's my mini-guide to Philadelphia.
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Liz said ...

Funnily enough I have just booked my tickets to New York and am planning a day trip to Philadelphia. Thanks for all the information!

5/17/2009 11:04 AM
nancymoo said ...
Your post makes me want to go to Philadelphia - seems like some cool stuff to do/eat - I am pretty hungry... :)
5/22/2009 6:17 PM


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